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$57 for 1000 guaranteed fans!

We are a social marketing company providing Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, Pinterest RePins, and more to boost your company's social reach.

Buy Twitter Followers
Twitter Followers

Grow your Twitter network with more followers.

Facebook Likes
Facebook Likes (fans)

We can add thousands of Facebook Fans to your Page.

YouTube Views
YouTube Views

Put your video in front of millions of people.

Social Marketing

Grow and connect with more fans and followers!


Facebook Marketing Services


In business since 2010, Fan Page Hookup is one of the top 3 providers of Facebook fans in the world. We offer a complete social marketing strategy to get your website in front of more people.

Trust: Get Facebook fans added to your page, or more Twitter followers to follow your Tweets. Our clients include, GNC, Toyota, The Tourism Board of Croatia, and thousands of others. We guarantee our services, or your money back!

Delivery Speed: We offer both fast, and normal rates of delivery. We can add up to 10,000 Facebook fans to your page within 4-5 days.

Email us or call us Toll Free at 866-608-6701 to discuss your needs.

Facebook: Having a presence on Facebook can help increase your brand awareness or increase your sales. We can get both worldwide, and country-targeted users to Like your Facebook page. Guaranteed delivery or your money back. If you're ready to buy Facebook fans, please visit our order page.

Google+: +1 us! Stay up to date with news, coupon codes, and more.

Twitter Marketing: Buy Twitter Followers for your Twitter page. More followers = more potential customers! Follow Us - @nextlevelsocial



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Worldwide Likes

Worldwide Likes - We will add real fans from around the world to your Facebook page. These fans will be people from random countries around the world.

USA Likes

USA Likes - We will add fans from the United States to your page. They will be from different cities and states.

UK Likes

UK Likes - Purchase UK Facebook fans. They will be people from different areas of the UK.

Australia Facebook fans

Australia Likes - Get Australian Facebook fans added to your page. 100% Australian-only users will be added to your page.


More Countries - Order fans from other countries, or multiple countries.

Money Back Guarantee


Real Facebook Fans 100% Real People

We can add thousands of real, active Facebook fans to your Facebook Page. Tap into the 800 million+ Facebook users and increase your brand awareness! There's never been a better way to get your product in front of so many people.


Gradual of Addition of Facebook FansSteady Growth

We manually add Facebook Likes to your page gradually over time. Please see the time frames specified on our order page. This helps your page grow naturally, and does not look like you purchased Facebook fans.


Guaranteed Facebook Fans Guaranteed Fans (Likes)

FanPageHookup delivers guaranteed fans! We will gladly replace any users who "unlike" your page. We sell country-targeted and worldwide Facebook likes. 100% guaranteed fans or your money back!


Targeted & Worldwide Facebook Fans Targeted & Worldwide

Get a fan base that is targeted for your country. We can add targeted Facebook fans based on countries including USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and many other countries! FanPageHookup can deliver targeted users that are the right fit for your business.


Delivered On Time Delivered On Time

Get your fans in the time specified on our website, or otherwise agreed upon. We are known as the fastest provider of Facebook fans. All of our fan packages are accompanied with specific time frames. There's no better way to advertise!


Increase RevenuesIncrease Your Revenues!

Social platforms are an ideal venue to improve your company’s brand awareness and pitch ads to a listening audience. Working with us is a first step to better fortunes. A wider audience, better sales, more profits. It’s worked for many others, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t work for you.


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